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The Sleep Research Institute of the Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders

At The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders, we believe that the exploration of innovative treatments and new medications for sleep disorders is essential to the growth of the field. Our participation in research studies keeps us on the forefront of sleep-related healthcare and allows us to offer our patients pioneering treatments for their disorders, if they wish to participate.

    Ongoing Clinical Research Trials

    Narcolepsy with and without cataplexy

    • Avadel Pharmaceuticals FT218 (Once-nightly formulation of oxybate with a dose equivalency to two short-acting forms of oxybate already on the market).
    • Axsome Therapeutics AXS-12 (trial of reboxetine to treat cataplexy).
    • Jazz Pharmaceuticals  JZP258-401/SEGUE (Open-label post-marketing trial investigating transitioning from Xyrem (sodium oxybate) to Xywav (low-sodium oxybate salts).
    • NLS Pharmaceutics NLS-2 (Study of extended-release formulation of mazindol)
    • Suven Life Sciences SUVN-G3031 (Novel, selective histamine-3 receptor inverse agonist for treatment of narcolepsy with and without cataplexy).

    Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS)

    • Vanda Pharmaceuticals (trial of safety and efficacy of tasimelteon, currently approved for another indication, to manage DSPS)

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

    • ApniMed AD036 (trial of a combination of two medications, atomoxetine and oxybutynin, currently approved for other indications, to manage OSA).  This link is to an online questionnaire to see if you might qualify for participation.
    • Jazz Pharmaceuticals SHARP JZP110-405 (trial of solriamfetol, approved for other indications, to improve subtle cognitive difficulties experienced by many people with OSA, which frequently persists even after sleep apnea is adequately treated)

    Sleep disturbances in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

    • Vanda Pharmaceuticals VP-VEC-162-3601 (trial of tasimelteon, approved for other indications, to manage sleep disturbances in patients with autism spectrum disorders)


    If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding participation in one of our ongoing research studies please contact our research staff at 301-654-5665 or e-mail We are happy to discuss with you further, and provide you with an informed consent with more details about each trial.  We can start with a phone screening if you are interested.

    The links for each trial will take you to the official trial description and registration on  For general information about current national clinical trials you may go to Center Watch, a clinical trials listing service at:

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