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How many awakenings are you experiencing on an average night? 

What are the times of typical awakenings?
8pm-10pm    10pm-12mid    12mid-2am    2am-4am    4am-6am    6am-8am
 8am-10am    10am-12n    12n-2pm    2pm-4pm    4pm-6pm    6pm-8pm

What is the average duration of these awakenings?
 <5 min    5-15 min    15-30 min    30-60 min    60-90 min    90 min - 2 hours    >2 hours

Why do you think you awaken?  
Need to use bathroom bedpartner awakens you own snoring awakens you pets   no clear reason  other
If other, please elaborate:

What time do you get up on most workdays?*
What time do you get up on most weekends?*
How much variability is there from night to night?
How do you feel when you awaken in the morning?*   
Please rate your daytime sleepiness (0 is none, 5 is severe)*  

Over the past week how likely would you be to fall asleep in the following situations? (0 is not likely, 3 is very likely)
Sitting and reading* 0 1 2 3
Watching TV* 0 1 2 3

Sitting in a public place*

0 1 2 3

As a passenger in a car for an hour*

0 1 2 3

Lying down to rest in the afternoon*

0 1 2 3

Sitting and talking to someone*

0 1 2 3

Sitting quietly after lunch with no alcohol*

0 1 2 3

In a car, stopped for a few minutes in traffic*

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Epworth Sleepiness Scale (Johns MW. Sleep 1991;14:540-545)

How many naps do you take per week?
Average nap length: 
Caffeinated beverages/day:   
Alcoholic beverages/week: 
About how many hours of exercise do you get each week?:    

Are you a current cigarette smoker?*     
        If yes, how many packs per day?      How often do you smoke within two hours of bedtime? 

Recreational drug use?:*     If yes, please elaborate:  

Do you use CPAP? (If no, skip to medications section)  
Is CPAP helping?   
Are you still snoring? 

How many nights per week do you use your CPAP? 
How many hours/night?

Please describe any problems you are having with your CPAP:

Please list your currrent medications, including any over-the-counter (OTC), vitamins, and supplements.
Please include dosages, times of day (e.g. morning, bedtime), and the prescribing physician if you have this information):

If none, please check here: 
 // If you have been seen by us in the previous 12 months, and there have been no changes to your medications, please check here:
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