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Fully Accredited by the AASM

The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The AASM developed its Standards for Accreditation to promote excellence in the provision of medical care for patients with sleep disorders. The Standards for Accreditation address the prerequisites for structural, professional and human resource, clinical and technical standards, emergency and quality assurance methods required for accreditation by the AASM... Read More

What Sets Us Apart

The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders is a full service sleep center caring for patients with all disorders of sleep and wakefulness. Patients enjoy the advantages of an expertly trained staff, the latest diagnostic equipment, and personalized attention in a quiet and comfortable out-patient atmosphere. Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate medical care on an individualized basis to all of our patients... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We hope that you are all well and sheltering safely at home during these unprecedented days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are conducting tele-medicine visits for new and returning patients, running home sleep tests for obstructive sleep apnea, virtual CPAP mask fittings with our sleep technologists, particpating in several clinical drug trials, and performing limited in-lab sleep studies for select patients. Let us know what we can do to help. Stay safe and sleep well.
Helene Emsellem, MD & The Dream Team

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Clinical Research Trials

At The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders, we believe that the exploration of innovative treatments and new medications for sleep disorders is essential to the growth of the field. Our participation in research studies keeps us on the forefront of sleep-related healthcare and allows us to offer our patients pioneering treatments for their disorders, if they wish to participate. Read More


At the Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders, our medical staff recognizes that patients with disorders of sleep and wakefulness require special attention. Our evaluation and treatment methods are based on a multidisciplinary, scientific approach to identifying and managing sleep/wake disorders.Our goal is to deliver individualized, comprehensive care by taking the time to understand your problem, make a correct diagnosis and plan an effective course of treatment.




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